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10 Gift Ideas for the Crazy Cat Lady

So your crazy cat lady friend's birthday is up and you have no idea what to get her? We have compiled a list of 10 must-have items to please the most extreme cat lady person in your life! 


Crazy cat lady sweatshirt
Need we say more? No crazy cat lady outfit is complete without a signature CRAZY CAT LADY shirt to show it off to the world. Available in black, grey & red.  
Cat Head Bag - Always Whiskered
Complete their OOTD with non-other than a large cat handbag! It will fit most of their belongings plus a few cat toys that they picked up along the way. Available in black, red & pink.  
Cat Scarf - Always Whiskered
When the weather gets chilly, they would want their cats to warm them up. When the cat is not available, this will be the next best thing. Available in khaki & black. 
Cat Flask - Always Whiskered
For cat ladies who are always on the go, this flask will be purrfect for their active lifestyle. Keeps drink warm or cold for up to 6 hours. Available in pink, black, white & blue.
Cat Phone holder
Everyone needs a helping hand to hold up their phone these days and cat ladies are no exception. Get these kitties to do the job for them. Available in 6 kitty designs, there will surely be one that matches their cat. 
Cat floor mat
What's the first thing they want to see when they get home? Their cats! Kitty cat will not always be ready at the door but these kitties on the mat will! Available in 4 sizes. 
cat hair rshirt
For days when the crazy cat lady is too lazy to use the lint roller on her shirt, this shirt will allow any amount of cat hair on it without being judged. 
custom name necklace paw
Personalized gifts are always the best! Get their name on a necklace and end it with a paw. Available in gold & silver color. 
cat grooming glove
What do cat ladies do when they are not sleeping? Groom their cats! Every cat lady will tell you how much their cats shed all the time. Hand them this glove and shut them up. Available for the left or right hand, so they have no reason to slack.
Cat punch toy
Last on the list is not something for the cat ladies but for their cat itself, because what better joy it brings them than to see their cats enjoying themselves! Every cat owner agrees than ANY cat toy is money well spent. 


Hope you enjoyed the list and reduces your headache on finding the purrfect gifts! If you are a crazy cat person yourself, do check out the extensive range of cat stuff on alwayswhiskered.com. 


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