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10 Delicious Pet Beds

We have all been searching for the perfect pet beds and have come to terms that there are no perfect beds but there are definitely some pretty cute delicious-looking beds! Here's a list of 10 delicious food-themed pet beds.


1. Ramen Bowl Bed 

ramen ped bed


The Japanese have invented some really cool stuff and instant ramen bowls are one of the greatest discoveries! We all have that favourite instant ramen flavours and do not care if there is any nutritional value in it. Just send me the noods. 


2. Potato Chips Bed 

potato chips pet bed


We can never get enough of potato chips so why not make it your pet bed so they can sleep and LAY in it. 


3. Milk Carton Bed

Milk carton pet bed


Got milk? Got milk carton. These cute milk carton beds come in Strawberry and Banana flavours, not that we're complaining. It's just as cute no matter what. Comes with a peephole so your pets can look out from the milk carton. 

4. Pizza & Bacon Bed & Blanket

Pizza pet bed - Always Whiskered


Find us someone who doesn't like pizza and bacon and we'll send over this bed! (Nah, just joking, but you get the drill). These beds and blankets are so realistic-looking that you'll want to eat them.


5. Lobster Bed 

lobster pet bed


Ok, this is not food in its own right but it can be! Sorry vegans, but no animal was harmed in the making of this bed. Comes with wide googly eyes and long palpus. 

 6. Fruit Swiss Roll Bed

Fruit roll pet bed - always whiskered


Some call it swiss roll, some calls it a roulade but whatever it's called it is just as delicious and makes a perfect dessert cake! Made better with strawberries on top.


7. Fruit Tart Bed 


The classic food bed that took the Internet by storm. Comes with removable fruits that can be used as pillows or toys. Great for kittens and puppies. 


 8. Banana Bed

banana pet bed


What's better than knock-knock jokes? Banana jokes! Are you a banana? Because ii find you a-PEELing. Where do bananas go to learn? Sundae school! Ok. That's enough..back to the bed. The bed has a banana peel that can be left open or closed for privacy. 


9. Popsicle Summer Mat 

popsicle pet bed


Ah. The perfect summer treat. Why not share it with your pets as well. The cool ice silk cotton does not retain heat keeps your pets cool in the summer. Comes in watermelon, kiwi & banana. Need we say more? 

10. Toast Bed

toast per bed - always whiskered


A versatile food loved around the world so how could we miss this? The classic toast now comes in a variety of topping like bacon & egg, strawberry jam, peanut butter and of course the plain toast. 


So there you have it. Our list of top 10 food pet beds that will have your pets drooling in their sleep. 



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